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Monday, April 27, 2015

Google Reduced Fifty Percent of Android Malwares

As stated by Corliss Tech Review Group, a malware is a type of software that is specifically created to gain access or damage user’s sensitive data.

Android has long been seen as vulnerable to malware because it is an open platform and several devices run older versions of the mobile operating system. Android is also one of the world’s most popular mobile platform where it powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries worldwide, but its popularity has also made it a magnet for malwares based on Corliss Tech Review Group.

In the past year, Google claims that malware infections on Android devices have been reduced in half after notable developments and security upgrades for mobile phones such as improved encryption and better detection tools for malware.

According to a blog post of Google’s chief security engineer, Adrian Ludwig, the overall worldwide percentage of possibly harmful applications installed are decreased by almost fifty percent during the first and the fourth quarter of the year. Android devices in use worldwide which are over 1 billion have their devices protected by security through Google Play wherein it conducts two hundred million security scans every day and less than 1% of the devices had potentially harmful applications installed in 2014.

Google also states that the rate of possibly malicious applications installed on devices which only use Google Play apps was less than 0.15%.

Ludwig also ensured that Android is a safe place and they are still making improvements to enhance protections for Android devices wherein they are being more hands-on in reviewing applications for all types of policy violations within Google Play and they have also increased their efforts to increase security for specific higher-risk devices and regions outside of Google Play.

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