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Monday, February 9, 2015

Corliss Tech Review Group: ARM smartphone chip boasts 3x computing power

With the trend today of making every new smartphone thinner than the last one, most would have to make a compromise between aesthetics and productivity. Usually, a nice and thin smartphone means shorter battery life and limited processing capability.

Fortunately for us, manufacturers are now moving towards extended battery life and excellent processing power even in thin handsets. Case in point: ARM's next generation A72 processors.

ARM Holdings, a microchip designer based in Britain, has announced a new processor for tablets and smartphones that boasts improved graphics and processing capability. Their new Cortex-A72 chip design and other improvements in related technology came just in time to help the handheld device industry which struggles with cooling demand.

Corliss Tech Review Group noted that much of the advancement could be credited to big improvements made in manufacturing technology, particularly from the Asian contractors.

An event in San Francisco was held where ARM announced that the new chips pack thrice as much computing power when compared with those in use today. It is now totally possible for manufacturers to use these new processors from ARM to get superb performance minus the strain in the device's battery. In fact, the company claims that in thin profile designs, the new chip could allow for as much as 75% reduction in power consumption.

The company's vice president of marketing also mentioned that the device has "more than enough" computing power to support complex processes on tablets and smartphones even without an Internet connection. Most of the smartphone processes today that are data-heavy are usually being handled by remote servers and not the device's processor itself.

Devices with this new processor technology are expected to be available by early next year. But according to Corliss Tech Review Group, 10 companies, including MediaTek of Taiwan and Rockchip of China, have already licensed ARM's new technology.

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