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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Smart Way to Replace Your Samsung Galaxy S4 with New Galaxy S5

If you are a gadget enthusiast and aching to have your hands on Galaxy S5 or you just cannot since you have your Galaxy S4 from the previous year, you have a way to work it out. Consider trading your device with your carrier for a credit to your new phone. To get the most of your device, you can sell your phone, which you have lots of options.

Here are some of them:

EBay provides you a marketplace for your items where predictability is less. Auctions can give you more or less earnings. Posting and managing items for sale are quite tedious until eBay introduced My Gadgets which will help you create a listing. You may list what you own and My Gadget will tell you how you can make based on eBay price trends if you sell it. EBay may not be the best choice for making more money with regard to selling your handsets. But it is usually a site where you can locate items which are extremely low or high demand or those which are difficult to find.

Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to sell your old phone with some drawbacks. Find your device on Amazon, click the "Sell on Amazon" button and provide details. You then have a listing and after some time, you will have a buyer. You ship the item, confirm the shipment to Amazon and request the money transfer to your account. On the side, you will be dealing with the buyer through email and get a high-profile listing on Amazon. There will be competition with other sellers though, which can put the prices down. In exchange of convenience, this option may not be the best in terms of monetary benefits.

Craiglist is making local selling possible, easy and fast, although you have to make the bargaining yourself with many buyers. Some do not go to Craiglist for these very reasons and want to avoid a headache. But if your device is highly in demand, you can use Craiglist to the max and have your money immediately.

Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook Marketplace is a mix of the benefits and drawbacks of online and local selling like selling in Craiglist but not limited to the locality. You can post your listing and share it with others. There are sites which you can also sell your smartphone. They offer buyback programs and provide some selling services. Examples are uSell, Cell Circle, Gazelle, Nextworth and UpgradeSwap.

You can make the most money when you take time to explore these options and compare prices. For example, eBay's asking price for Galaxy S4 ranges from $70 to $397 based on the phone's condition while uSell is from $35 to $182. It varies more in Craiglist, which ranges from $180 to $550. Offering in Gazelle is $50 to $193, Nextworth is $33 to $128 and UpgradeSwap is between $85 and $230.

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